One of the most important elements of Smile on Seniors is its volunteer system.

Many people in the community, volunteer to do Chesed - kindness. As busy as they are, with family, business or school, they go out of there way to do these acts of kindness.

Many in the senior population are vulnerable. No family, isolated due to covid-19 or are handicapped, and would like to feel part of a regular warm and vibrant community.

The volunteers are devoted to the goal. As soon as they are matched with a senior, they go beyond all leaps and bounds, to give their senior partner the best of their ability. With their warm and kind hearts, they give the seniors a sense of feeling and belonging. The feeling of a member in a warm and vibrant community.

The age range of volunteers vary from kids to adults. Each of them have their unique way of interacting with their senior partner, by which both - the senior and the volunteer, gain tremendously.

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Smile On Seniors volunteer program has risen to new levels; grocery shopping, errands, check-in calls and hot nutritious meal distributions.

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Within the volunteer system, there is a program called "Adopt-A-Senior". This is a program for families to "adopt" a senior - call a specific senior throughout the week, visit them and overlook to make sure they have whatever they need.

Smile On Seniors stays in contact with these families who "Adopt-A-Senior", to make sure they have all the necessary resources for their "Adopted" senior.

To become a volunteer or Adopt-A-Senior, fill out one of the following forms.