Before the Coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2019, Smile On Seniors hosted a program with a brunch once a week. Every other week was a hands-on activity ranging from painting to mosaics art, food decorating & baking. The other week would be a Torah presentation.

When all in-person gatherings shut down in the end of March 2019, smile on seniors re-opened on zoom, offering daily programs to inspire and enrich seniors' lives despite the craziness going on. Activities though have been on a stand-still for some time. 

Starting in November 2020, with a paint night, hands-on activities have been restarted to a once a month ratio.

As the city is starting to reopen as of June 2021, Smile On seniors re-opened it's in-person gatherings once a week, in an outdoor setting under an open tent with social distancing and all covid safety measures.

RSVP is required for each event in order to keep to the allowed limit of participants and in order for the programs to be set up properly. 

To join an activity, Click here to see the schedule of upcoming activities and click on it's link or send an email to [email protected] to rsvp.