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Shabbat is a day of rest. A day to relax, reflect, re-energize and gather inspiration for the coming week, with words of wisdom and songs of the soul.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, shutting everyone indoors to quarantine and isolate, synagogues were closed and when finally reopened, a limited capacity of 10-25 worshipers were allowed to attend.

This devastation, led many into a longing for Shabbat services and family get togethers, which were part of the highlights of their week.

With this realization, Smile On Seniors started a Pre-Shabbat Sing-Along, in which the participants gain a feeling of the Shabbat services and atmosphere through singing all together various songs from the Friday night services and other Shabbat themed melodies.

To join a Pre-Shabbat Sing-Along, check out the calendar to see the scheduled days and visit to join at the designated time.